How I Got My First Horse

Neville is my nine-year-old Miniature Appaloosa that I bought just three days ago. He’s a gelding and he can be a booger if you turn your back to grab his lead rope off the ground.

He is my baby. I had been volunteering at the therapeutic riding center he lives at (Until this spring, then I get to take him home) and I got to know him a little bit better before I knew he was going to be mine. A friend of mine who works there was telling me that my little man’s previous owner was going to sell him. I immediately told my parents (Who were helping me look for a mini) about Neville being for sale. So, for part of my Christmas, my grandparents gave me half of the money for little Neville.

After waiting a few weeks (Exactly six weeks after we talked with his previous owner about purchasing Neville), Neville became my first horse. I had been volunteering at the barn for three or four months then. On Monday nights and Wednesdays— really any day I want, but I choose these days— I get to see my equine buddies and my little pony at the center.
Little Neville drives a pony cart and loves peppermint candies. My younger sister gave him a peppermint candy while I was working with him the one day and he never gets treats while being worked—unless he does something really well the first time and repeats it— because he seems to think that he’s finished and doesn’t want to be worked anymore. He can have a bit of an additude when he doesn’t want to be inside (Especially on a warm, sunny day, or if it’s snowing outside), while his horse friends are outside in the pasture without him. But he’s settled down a lot more than when we first started working with him.

Neville is a bit overweight and he is only 38″ tall, which is okay for a short person like me— it means I don’t have to bend down too much to lead him around. At first, he didn’t like his belly brushed or his hooves picked out, but that’s all been worked out and it’s in the past.

When Neville “somehow” escapes the field, we always know where little man is going…straight for his stall to see if he has food, and if he doesn’t, he checks the other horses’ stalls. Thus, the reason why he is so overweight.

During this blog, you’ll be able to read more about my sweet Nevvie and my other horse friends. Sometimes, I’ll upload my stories that I have written and they’re able to be read by you!


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