How Clearing Trees Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Now, we’ve been clearing trees, picking rocks, dragging brush…and let me tell ya, it’s been tiring. My Dad has cut about 30 sixty-five-foot tall trees and we now have enough firewood to last us a few years.
We plan on driving the T-posts tomorrow and putting the posts for the gates. Which will be fun!
Our backyard is surrounded by cherry trees and they are highly toxic to horses— green and withered leaves and bark are all toxic. And we cleared ALL of them officially of last week.
A couple years ago, my Dad built a shed/chicken house that is about the size of Neville’s stall at the barn now. We got hinges for it today and we’re gonna saw the door in half. It’s kind of like arts and crafts with chainsaws and power tools.
We’ve been working on Neville’s pasture for about six weeks now and it’s been a long six weeks. 12993365_10209582947354159_5804169463115677608_n
We are all just counting down the few days until Neville finally gets home!
Our family has had fun clearing the field and it’s been a tough job. But we almost have the entire pasture done and ready for Neville to come home.
It’s only a few short days until we have him in our own backyard!

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