I have a lot to update you all on!

If you follow my Facebook page, you might have seen that my family purchased Avery, a 2005 Morgan cross pony. He’s an amazing little pony! That’s him in the picture above!

After some thinking, I decided to change the name of my blog (and Facebook page) to J’adore Equine to correspond to my YouTube channel. That way, it’ll be easier to find everything. J’adore is French for “I love” or “I like.” So, put equine on the end of that and it’s “I love horses.” Perfect.

And yes, I did change the URL to go along with the name change. theequestrianauthor.wordpress.com is now jadoreequine.wordpress.com! It is much shorter than the older one and it’s easy to remember, a least for me it is.

You might have seen the new icon, right? I drew it on my Kindle Fire the other day and it o happens to be my YouTube logo as well! It’s supposed to be Avery’s head and I have one as Neville as well.

My website has been updated as well, with pictures of Avery and new pictures of Neville. I got a new camera for Christmas (a Nikon Coolpix L840) and it takes much better pictures than my Canon Powershot. But, considering it was a smaller camera, it took some pretty good pictures too.

I haven’t been posting lately because of school. It’s been much more time consuming than last year and between riding and violin lessons, I haven’t found enough time to just sit down and write a blog post. I’ll be able to post on Saturday nights though!

What would you like to see on J’adore Equine? I’ll be taking suggestions, just let me know and I’ll work on it as long as I can do it!

Be sure to subscribe to J’adore Equine on YouTube! I’m trying to get 100 subscribers on my channel for a custom URL!


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