49 Ways For Equestrian Teens to Make Money

Photo ab0ve credits: By Editor abcdef (Own work) [CC0 or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve been involved in the equestrian world— even for a short time— you probably have enough knowledge to figure out that our lifestyle is quite expensive. I honestly have no idea where people get the idea that we’re all rich and snobby. But in reality, we reuse bailing twine to fix literally everything because our bank accounts (or horse money jars, in my case) have moths flying around in them.

For us teenagers, it can be a little harder than it is for adults to make money. Especially if you can’t work anywhere yet because of child labor laws. I know you can work at an amusement park when you’re 14 at the game booths and you can get a job at most fast food chains at 15 years and older.

But, for some of us, it might be a little harder to find a job and make money. Especially if you’re under the age to be able to get a job. Because of that, I decided to write a blog post on different ways (almost 50!) to make money and most of them are somewhat related to the equestrian world in some way. This is not organized in anyway, it was just as I found and thought of them!

  1. Make and sell horse and dog treats. I did this back before Christmas and made a TON of money doing it. I made apple and oat treats and sold them for $2.50 a bag. I also made peppermint muffins (the recipe’s on my Pinterest board) and sold them for the same amount.
  2. Babysit. Okay, so if you don’t like kids this may not be your thing. Honestly, it’s not really my thing either but you can make a lot of money doing this over time.
  3. Work at a barn. If you can’t work at a fast food chain or an amusement park, try getting a job at a farm or a barn. In some states, it’s totally legal just to work a few paid hours. Plus, you can drive a tractor at 12 on a private farm. Which is pretty darn cool.
  4. Sell old, unwanted tack and clothing. If your tack no longer fits the pony you have or your old breeches don’t fit anymore, try selling them on a Facebook group. I personally haven’t done this, but it’d be a great way to get rid of old show clothes and make some extra money off of it!
  5. Grow your own plants. Early in the year, start seeds and sell the plants once they’re old enough to be planted outside. You can sell them for $2+ a piece.
  6. Sell produce. This kind of goes along with #5. You can grow your own plants then sell the produce. Growing a garden is actually fun, just slightly frustrating when rabbits eat your whole row of green peppers.
  7. Make and sell bracelets. Sell bracelets made out of horsehair. People can give you a small chunk of their horse’s tail (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt them. A pair of scissors and a piece of hair from the back of the tail can go a long way.
  8.  Repair turn out blankets and saddle pads. If you’re good at sewing, this is a great way to make money in the horse world. Some people don’t really want to buy a new turn out blanket after their psycho pony tries to destroy it. I mean, who would want to any way?
  9. Wash turn out blankets in the spring. Okay, so you’d need an industrial washing machine for this, but you could probably just scrub it then hose it down with a pressure washer. You could charge $25 and up for it.
  10. Pet-sit. If you’re like me, I’d much rather watch a puppy than a baby. You could watch a dog or another pet while a family member or family friend is away. Charge a fee to go over a couple times a day to let it out to go to the bathroom and to feed it.
  11. Horse sit. Horse sitting is a much bigger responsibility than your average dog sitting gig. You have to exercise it, feed it, water it and turn it in and back out again. I would personally only do this in the summer time unless your homeschooled— like me!
  12. Exercise horses. Once you’ve got your confidence in riding at the three basic gaits (walk, trot, canter— or if you ride western; walk, jog and lope) you can offer to exercise other people’s horses. Just make sure you ask everything there is to know about the horse you are riding before you hop on. Not every horse is the same.
  13. Give riding lessons to little kids. This is a great and fun way to help other riders and make money at the same time. Little kids are always amazed by the least little thing an older and much more experienced rider can do. You can give lessons for $10+ to an inexperienced rider who’s willing to get some help.
  14. Be a show groom. To be a show groom, you have to know how to braid the tail and the mane. In English shows for just about every discipline (but racing) the mane is typically pulled up into button braids. Tails are neatly braided into a tight French braid down the tail bone (it doesn’t hurt the horses) and once you reached the bottom of the tailbone, it is braided in a normal 3 stranded braid. You can make over $50 doing a JUST one mane!
  15. Make stall signs. There is a bazillion ways to do this. You can either buy or make a wooden plaque and sell them. You write the names on the plaques with paint or a wood burner (if you can’t operate one, have an adult’s help). You can sell them for $15-$20.
  16.  Breed and sell rabbits. You don’t need a permit for this, unless you sell over $500 worth of rabbits, which I don’t think would be necessary. You can sell young rabbits at 6 weeks for $10-$15 per rabbit.
  17. Walk dogs. If you live in a neighborhood with several dogs, offer a dog walking service. Ask around to see how much other people charge to walk dogs.
  18. Raise and sell chicks. If you have space for a ton of chickens, you’re going to need it. Raising and selling chickens is a great way to make money. Sell couple day old chicks for a buck or two a piece and you’ve got extra money for that saddle pad you’ve been wanting. You’ll need an incubator, a coop, chickens, chicken feed, a heat lamp, eggs from your chickens and a container to keep the chicks in once they hatch. My family hatches out peeps a couple times a year just to have them.
  19. Make hair bows for young horse riders. Little girls love to put bows on the end of their braids, especially for horse shows. It’s cute and you can easily make them! All you need is ribbon, a hot glue gun and hair clips!
  20. Make feathers for horses and riders. I did this back a few months ago and made over $50. I made mane clips and clips for riders with feathers from the craft store, braiding cord and alligator hair clips. It was a quick and easy way to make money!
  21. Make wreaths. Do this around (and after) Christmas time by using spruce branches and making wreaths out of it. You can also get unwanted live Christmas trees after Christmas. Or you can make them out of old unwanted fake trees and take out the wiring and lights (if it has any). Make wreaths and sell them for $15-$20 a piece.
  22. Make jewelry holders. You can get really cute ideas off of Pinterest and they’re cheap to make. I’ve seen one where you can use old branches from the woods and some twine. Depending on how big and the material expenses, you can sell these for $10+.
  23. Make saddle pads. This isn’t as cheap as the previous ideas because you have the padding and the material, plus thread. You’ll definitely have more than $20+ rolled into it before you sell it for $15.
  24. Embroider saddle pads.  If you have an embroidery machine, you can do this pretty quickly and cheaply. Get embroidery thread of every color your brain can possibly think of and start embroidering saddle pads for a couple bucks a letter. You can do names of the horses, stables or a monogram of the owner’s initials.
  25.   Become an equestrian YouTuber. This may seem easier than it really is. I just hit 120 subscribers and I’ve been doing on YouTube since August. But, the thing is: it’s free. You literally do not have any expenses for this besides a camera and in reality, you can use your phone for editing and filming. Come up with a catchy name and upload. Go ahead and check out my channel, J’adore Equine and be sure to like and subscribe!
  26. Make wooden grooming totes. You can make wooden grooming totes and sell them for $15+ and charge extra to put names and monograms on them. You can print out different fonts for monograms and names.
  27. Wash saddle pads. With saddle pads, you won’t necessarily need an industrial washing machine like you would with turn out blankets. Sell a fee for washing the pads then return it to their owners within a couple days (unless they’re out of town, that’s acceptable).
  28. Make and sell custom polo wraps. You can make custom polo wraps out of fleece and embroider them with monograms or different  (if wanted). Sell them for $20-$25 a pair, depending on the costs of your materials.
  29. Clean tack. Cleaning tack is one of the best ways to make money in the equestrian world. For me, it isn’t a problem to clean my own tack but some people hate cleaning their tack and will gladly pay somebody to clean it. Depending on how many pieces of tack you are cleaning, ask around to see how much other people charge to clean tack.
  30. Make custom brow bands. You can make and sell custom brow bands for $25+ depending on the material expenses. You can decorate leather brow bands with ribbons or if you know how (or want to learn to) stitch leather, you can stitch beads into the leather of the brow band for a fancy design.
  31. Become a trainer’s assistant. You can be hired out to trainers to groom, tack up and warm up their lesson horses for them so their student can ride. This is especially useful when the rider is running late and their lesson time is coming to an end.
  32. Make rope halters. You can make rope halters out of thick parachord and sell them for $10-$15. Rope halters are super cute and I love them for groundwork with Neville. I want to get one for Avery soon.
  33. Train horses. You can train horses through groundwork and once you get really good enough, you can break horses to ride. Ask other trainers how much they charge, then you can get a pretty good idea on how to price your training.
  34. Board horses. Got a few extra stalls on your own property needing ponies to fill? Board horses on your farm. Offer turn out, bedding, feed and hay. Look around to see how much other farms charge to board horses.
  35. Shovel snow in the winter time. You can shovel your neighbors’ driveways for $15 or more per driveway. B.Y.O.S. (Bring your own shovel).
  36. Tutor elementary school kids. Kids in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade could use a wise tutor (in this case, you) to help them in the afternoons with homework. Make sure you have time to do your own school work, but charge $15 a session.
  37. Mow lawns in the spring and summer. People HATE this job and will pay people to do it for them. You can make a lot of money doing this job that everyone hates! Ask around to see how much you should price your services.
  38. Landscape. Plant flowers and shrubs for people for a certain fee. Weed-eat around the house (just watch for outside wires and the siding) and mow lawns. You can charge a lot of money for this. Again, ask around to see what other people price their services to get an idea of how much you should price yours.
  39. Wash cars. You can wash cars in the summer time with a hose and a bucket of soap. Charge $5 a car and it can really add up.
  40. Sell baked goods. You can make brownies, cookies, cakes, bread, muffins, cupcakes, and so much more and you can make a few dollars off of it. You may need to get a home bakery permit.
  41. Sell fresh eggs. Raising your own chicks and taking care of them will give you eggs eventually. What will you do if you end up like my family and get a couple dozen of eggs a day? You’ve got to sell them! Sell eggs for $2-$3 a dozen and you could earn some money doing this.
  42. Make a lemonade stand. It sounds stupid, but if you live in a busy neighborhood on a warm summer day, people will stop for a 50¢ cup of lemonade. Cheap and easy.
  43. Sell manure. You can sell horse manure for a few dollars for a old feed bag sized load. People will buy it for fertilizer for their garden and especially if it’s cheap.
  44. Sell old toys and clothes. You can sell old toys on Facebook groups as well as old clothing that doesn’t fit you (or younger siblings) anymore. It’s a good way to make extra money by selling old stuff.
  45. Rake leaves in the fall. Charge $15-$20 raking leaves for your neighbors in the fall. It’d be a great way to make money when there aren’t driveways to shovel.
  46. Wash and groom dogs. If you have a hose, a tub and clippers, you’re pretty much set to groom dogs. Just make sure you practice on your own dog before you get paid to do it. Ask around to see what other people in the neighborhood charge or would pay to groom dogs.
  47. Offer music lessons. If you can play an instrument really well, try offering music lessons to younger kids. I personally would charge $15 for a half hour lesson. You can make lots of money this way!
  48. Sell homemade crafts. I mentioned some specific crafts, but if you can think of different crafts, you can make those and sell them. Check on Etsy and Pinterest for a price range. Once you get good enough to sell online on Etsy and on Facebook groups.
  49. Tutor younger students at school. You can help other students at your school and in elementary school in a subject you do well in. Ask other tutors what they charge per session, then set your price. It’d be a great way to make money!

I hope these helped and that you can make money for your lovely pony soon! I plan on making another blog post soon about how to save your money as an equestrian teen. If you want to see more from J’adore Equine, be sure to like, follow and share!





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