Don’t Insult My Horses

They’re not ugly. They may be fat, but I’m the only one besides my vet, farrier and about a handful of people (who are the horsey type) that can call my little pony fat. You don’t need to point the little flaws out, thank you very much.

If I called your kid ugly, wouldn’t you be offended? Of course you would. In most situations, parents will take up for their kids if someone calls them ugly. Now, imagine how I would feel if you called my horse ugly. I’m pretty protective of my two boys.

My horses are my best friends. They can’t stab me in the back like some friends can. They won’t turn on me for other people because they trust me. I trust them better than some people because the same person that called you her best friend can turn on you in a hurry.

What you don’t know is that little horse you just called ugly and fat is my secret-keeper, one of the few I can be myself around, my therapist, my listener and my best friend. He can’t stab me in the back either. He may look for treats from my brother and sister, but hey, he didn’t betray me and make fun of my Muck boots.

What you don’t know is when I’m on the back of my horse, I have all the confidence in the world. It’s a wonder I haven’t broken my neck because I try and try to push myself to become a better rider.

What you certainly don’t know is I don’t just ride. I spend my free-time out in the pasture with my Mini and take care of him pretty much all day everyday. I wear my nice riding boots in the muddy paddock and nearly destroyed them. I’ll spend 7 hours at the barn doing my volunteer time after my lesson. I’d much rather go to the tack store and the barn than the mall.

My horses are kind, they’re loving, they understand things better than most people do. I so badly just want to punch people in the face when they insult any horse, but somehow God gives me the peace not to.

You can insult the way I talk. You insult the way I dress. You can insult everything about me, but if you even dare to call my horse ugly, I’ll just have you know that I’ll be praying for your safety. And just know that I’ll this quote from Mulan.

“Dishonor on you! Dishonor on yo family! Dishonor on your cow!”
– Mushu from the Disney Movie Mulan (1998)



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