Riding Instructor Appreciation Week!

We all have trainers that we just absolutely love. We have those trainers that we just want to hug and thank them for helping you get where you are. They help you become a better rider and overall become one of your friends.

It’s #TrainerAppreciationWeek, so don’t forget to tell your instructor thank you this week. They definitely deserve it!

Some instructors treat you like family and treat your horses like one of their own. They help you find the perfect horse, whether it’s to lease or to own. Others allow you to ride and love their horses.

We have some of the best riding instructor’s at the barn. They just seem to understand the student’s individual needs and tailor their lessons to fit those needs. I’ve seen students whose riding improved majorly since their first lesson. Want to know why? Well, it’s because of our lovely riding instructors at the barn.

You should thank your riding instructor not just for your lesson, but thank them for being your friend and for loving your horse. Thank them for allowing you to be around their horses. Thank them for being a great trainer overall.




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