Farrier Appreciation Week!

We all know what day it is when you walk in the barn and the smell of sparklers fills your nostrils. Horses are being shod and the farrier is hammering away at the fiery, hot piece of steel on the anvil.

It’s #FarrierAppreciationWeek! Be sure to tell your farrier thank you. Not only just because they take care of your pony’s hooves, but because they deserve a thank you.

Our farriers drive down the back roads and argue with their GPS on where our farms are. They treat our horses like royalty (most of the time) and even some try to win over your pony with carrots (and it works).

They not only take care of our horse’s hooves, but they care about your horses. Some let your little brother help with the horses and let them watch him fit the hot shoes onto the horses.

They spend their workday hunched over to trim and hammer shoes onto hooves of horses big and small.

Don’t forget to thank your farrier this week. And give him a bottle of ibuprofen. His back will thank you.


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