Riding Diary Week Six

I had an amazing lesson today. The weather was perfect for being in the barn, so Grammy came to watch us ride today.

Avery’s leg is much, much better than it was last week. We might have to put front shoes on him for the summer, but we’re going to talk to our farrier about it and see what we’ll have to do about it.

He perked his ears forward as he heard the container of sugar cubes being opened. Avery was excited about the lump of sugar in his corner feeder. With a couple chomps of his teeth, the sugar cube was demolished.

Autumn haltered him and lead him to the cross-ties like last week. I grabbed my purple Kensington grooming tote that I got at the tack swap on Saturday and pulled out the curry comb— Avery’s favorite brush.

I rubbed circles on his neck, then his shoulders, his back, belly and sides then his hindquarters. Avery kept wiggling so I could get the really itchy places that he was informing me of. I took the curry comb just a few inches behind his ears, where he loves to be scratched, and rubbed it on his neck. You would’ve thought that that was the best thing in the world!

After the curry comb, I took the Farnam grooming block I have and took it across the same locations that I had come across as the curry comb. Farnam grooming blocks are miracle workers honestly.

I grabbed the dandy brush and flicked away the dirt, followed by my finishing brush. The purple comb in my bag was going to be used next on his mane, tail and forelock. I brushed through the tangles and got my tack.

I used my normal hunter green Roma saddle pad, the black Roma half pad and saddle G. Avery took the bit like he normally does and I pulled the reins off of his head and handed him to Autumn. She took him in the arena to walk him around for a little while.

On Sunday afternoon, we go to my Grammy’s house after church for lunch and to spend time together. I brought my breeches that I got at the tack swap for $5 to show everyone. Unfortunately, I forgot them at Grammy’s.

Grammy was coming to the barn today so I had her grab my breeches before she left. I quickly changed into my breeches before my lesson and slipped on my riding boots. My helmet made my Laura Ingalls style braids look weird.

I mounted Avery after adjusting my stirrups and gave him a squeeze to walk. Miss Kim’s granddaughter was there and wanted to come in the arena with her Nonna to aid in my lesson.

We worked on trotting circles and some canter work today. We were trying to get Avery to respond to my seat in the canter after relaxing at the poll. He collected at the canter for a few steps, then went back to his big canter.

After working on some canter work and trotting, we jumped at the trot again. Instead of jumping one time and leaving it at that, we jumped four times! In fact, Avery was so excited about jumping that he tried to go over it again once we were trotting along the wall.

Avery was a very happy boy after he got a couple more sugar cubes after the fantastic ride we had after that “injury” last week.

Autumn even jumped Avery at a walk today. She was quite excited about doing so. They have been working on balance a lot lately on Avery.

I unsaddled Avery and put the saddle pad, half pad and the saddle on the arena gate. Grasping the reins in my hands, I brought Avery over to the mounting block to ride bareback to cool him down.

We walked for a lap and then he stood at the gate forever, trying to get attention from my Mom, Miss Kim and Jordyn (Miss Kim’s granddaughter’s mom), who were all talking. Grammy left a bit earlier because she had to show a house to one of the ladies in our church.

I dismounted and we took Avery over to brush him. Mom brushed him while me and my siblings swept so she could have a chance to spend with Avery. I grabbed my Bronco fly spray and sprayed him down for the night. He was a happy boy.

Avery had a lesson with one of the barn’s students that he absolutely adores. He loves all of his little riders. Poor Avery last week was so upset that he didn’t get to help with this particular lesson, so he was quite excited to see his student today.

I turned him out and he went trotting up to his pasture mate, Bear. Bear wasn’t going to deal with Avery today and so he went to bite at Avery. He did a beautiful half-pass in the field and stopped dead in his tracks to eat some grass.

pegasuswingsequinephotography 005.JPG

The picture above was from today when we were leaving the barn after Pap and I finished our volunteer chores. We said our goodbyes to the ponies and headed to my house, where Pap was going to drop me off.

pegasuswingsequinephotography 070.JPG

Neville was waiting very patiently for me to come and take his fly mask off of him for the night. Poor pony had to wear it until his 8 PM feeding, which was about 45 minutes away. He was a very happy boy to have it off.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pam Jones says:

    Good stuff, baby doll! I am so glad I was able to come see you today🤠! I’m so proud of you guys!Love you to pieces!!


    1. Alayna Renee says:

      I love you too, Grammy!! ❤ ❤


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