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Meet me.

My name is Alayna. I am your average, teenaged equestrian. I currently own Neville, a 2007 Miniature Horse and my family owns Avery, a 2005 Morgan cross.  I’m taking riding lessons once a week in dressage and I plan to show Avery this summer. I’m a homeschooled guitarist/ violinist! Twice a week I volunteer at a therapeutic riding center and I get to help with barn chores and lessons. Our Avery is boarded there, so I get to spend most of my Fridays there! I have my own YouTube channel as well and I upload tutorials and other horse-related videos. When I’m not editing videos, writing or working with my ponies, I’m either drawing or taking pictures of my ponies! I am an amateur equine photographer (I practice on my lovely ponies!) and I take my pictures with a Nikon Coolpix L840, which I highly recommend. I attend church every Sunday morning and I am involved in my Youth Group and my church.

Meet the crew.

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Avery (Must Be A Weasley)

Avery is our 11-12-year-old Morgan cross pony. He has a heart of gold and is quite the worry wart around the barn. Avery is boarded at the therapeutic riding center I volunteer at and works in the program, usually carrying the smaller kids in the program. Avery is trained in dressage but would do anything you ask him to do. He is very sweet and loves attention, as long as there aren’t hair dryers, tools or clippers around. Otherwise the dragon kicks in! I plan to show Avery this summer under the show name, “Must Be A Weasley.”

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Neville is my 2007 Miniature Horse. I have had him for almost three years now and I just love his spunky personality. He lives in our backyard with his best pony friend, Hannah. Neville loves going on walks so he can eat all the grass he wants and he loves trying to sneak into the hay barn/tack room to get treats. He is one of my favorite little guys ever!

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Hannah belongs to my sister and is around 10 years old. She lives at our house with Neville in the backyard. Hannah loves treats and attention from Autumn. Hannah loves to dress up for holidays— she even has reindeer antlers and bunny ears! Autumn has been working with her on her manners and is teaching her how to lunge.

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Bella Blue

Bella is my Pap’s 2007 AQHA mare. She is boarded at the same barn Avery is and she works in the program as well. Bella was shown in Western pleasure classes and my sister is hoping to eventually show her in Western Dressage classes. Bella can be sweet when she wants to and loves attention! One of her favorite things is peppermint cookies.

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